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Kela's Glass Artists

Below is a partial list of glass artists represented by Kelaís. We currently have work in our gallery by over 150 artists from Hawaii, the mainland U.S. and a few international locations. Since we canít possibly show all the beautiful glass art we have at any given time, we have chosen a representation of selected pieces by some of our artists. The artists listed below are currently featured on our website. Just click on their name to view some of their work. There will also be a photo & biographical sketch on each artist's page. Most of the glass art pieces you see pictured on our site are made by the artist in several other color combinations  The pieces pictured are just a single color example.  Feel free to ask us about other colors or combination of colors that any given artist makes their individual pieces in. ENJOY!

The Partial List

A - B

Stuart Abelman
Scott Bayless
Sylvie Belanger
Jan Benda
Buzz Blodgett
Tom & Julie Bloyd
Ed Branson

C - D

Geoff & Patricia Caplette
Afro Celotto
Scott Chambers
Sandie Charlton/John Moilanen
Pino Cherchi
Kerry Cleaver
M.Cohn / M.Stone
Paul Counts
Jared Davis
Paul DeSomma / Marsha Blaker
Charles Donaldson

E - F

Ben Edols and Kathy Elliott
Karen Ehart
Barry Entner
Rina Fehrensen
John & Heather Fields
Donna Fein

G - H

Roger Gandelman 
David Garcia
Stephen Gartner & Danielle Blade
David Goldhagen
Susan Gott
Kyle Gribskov
Michael Hansen / Nina Paladino
Paul Harrie
Noel Hart
 Marty Hook / Janet Sweeney
Brian Howie
Corey Hubbel
Wes Hunting

J - K

Robert Jones
Rollin Karg
Adam Kaser
Bernard Katz
Theo Keller
Gabriele Kustner

L - M

Dan / Joi LaChaussee
Ramimudas & Raminta Lapsys
Tim Lazer
David Lewin
David and Melanie Leppla
David Lindsay
 David & Diane Lowery
Charlie Lowrie
Chris Lowry - Chris Richards
Steven Main
Kurt McVay
Craig Maxwell
Rick Mills
Chris Morrison
Christie Moody
Michael Mortara
Mel Munsen
Mossman and Mullaney
Dennis Mullen
Murphy / Weinstock

N - O

Janet and Rick Nicholson
Bernadette North
Micheal Nourot
James Nowak

P - R

Chris Paulson
Tom Philabaum
Scott Pernicka
Kenny Pieper
Jeremy Popelka
 Richardson and Tarducci
Cathy Richardson
Peet Robison
Mark Rosenbaum
David Rosenfeldt
Bryan Rubino

S - T- W - Y

Davide Salvadore
Matt Seasholtz 
Sam Stang
Josh Simpson
Stephen Schlanser
Henry Summa
Christian Thirion
Paulus Tjiang
Mayauel Ward
Hiroshi Yamano
James Yaun


Light Bases


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