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Kela's Glass Jewelry

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The Color Changing Jewelry by Mimi
Bar Earrings - Sparkling Gold
Bar Earrings - Lime
Bar Earrings - Silver
Bar Earrings - A
Bar Earrings - C
Bar Earrings - E
Bar Earrings - F
Thread Earrings Orange
Thread Earrings Purple
Thread Earrings Silver


Suggested Earrings

19 PC. Gand Mint
5 PC Mint
Bracelet Mint
19 PC. Grand Ocean
5 PC Ocean
Bracelet Ocean
19 PC. Grand Wisteria
5 PC Wisteria
Bracelet Wisteria
5 PC Sunrise
5 PC Sunset
Galaxy Spakling Gold
3 PC Sparkling Gold
2 PC Sparkling Gold
19 PC. Gand
3 PC. Sunrise 2
3 PC. Sunset 2
9 PC. Chakra(Hawaiian Rainbow)
3 PC. Princeville
9 PC. Kaleido
3 PC. Sunrise 2
3 PC. Sunset 2
9 PC. Sky
3 PC. Sky

2 PC. Sky

Cluster Chakra (Hawaiian Rainbow)
Cluster Chakra (Hawaiian Rainbow)
3 PC. Sunset 2
Cluster Ocean
Cluster Ocean

2 PC. Ocean

Cluster Wisteria
Cluster Wisteria
2 PC. Wisteria
Water Fall (New Style)
Small Glass 9 (New Style)
Bracelet Wisteria DX
Bracelet Rainbow DX
Bracelet Ocean DX
Bracelet Passion DX
3 PC. Passion
3 PC. Ice
3 PC. Princeville
3 PC. Sunrise 2
3 PC. Sunset 2
3 PC. Violet 2
3 PC. Sparkling Gold
3 PC. Raspberry
3 PC. Mint
3 PC Ocean

2 PC. Orange

2 PC. Sparkling Gold

2 PC. Green


2 PC. Ocean

2 PC. Pink

2 PC. Silver Gold
Cluster Flame
Cluster Peach
Cluster Pink-Silver
Cluster Wisteria
Cluster Ocean
Cluster Chakra (Hawaiian Rainbow)
Doulble Cluster Gold
Double Cluster Lavender Blue
Double Cluster Blue Gold
Doulble Cluster Flame
Special Order Item: Triple Cluster
Doulble Cluster Meadow

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